“My Impressia Collects Money!” says Minuteman Press Franchise Owner


“My Impressia Collects Money!” says Minuteman Press Franchise Owner

Paul owns and operates a Minuteman Press franchise in Ontario, Canada. He’s been in the print industry for over twenty years and has come across a wide variety of equipment and software over the years. Originally they were an offset shop, but within the last ten years, Paul started to give digital printing some serious consideration. He recently bought the Impressia Digital Multi-Media Press and Enterprise Feed System and has been very impressed with it’s cost efficiency on toners and consumables along with the rapid turn around time on his jobs. Time is money for his shop and for his customers. Paul’s quick turn around times give him an edge in this competitive market. His customers keep coming back because he continues to provide them with top quality materials faster than other shops in the area. He was skeptical before about adding an envelope press to his production line but after he bought the Impressia he’s been pleasantly surprised with the return he’s been able to collect on his investment.

“To be honest with you, I’ve never regretted the choice I’ve made. It’s been a good investment and I’m quite happy with it. I know of other printers who have gone with envelope presses and they’re sitting in the corner collecting dust because they had a bad experience with it. Mine is sitting in the corner collecting money.” says Paul.

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