RIPit! Features New OpenRIP Flexo 5.0 at Label Expo


RIPit! Features New OpenRIP Flexo 5.0 at Label Expo

At Label Expo 2006 Booth # 6326

RIPit! Features New OpenRIP Flexo 5.0 at Label Expo

Intelligent Digital Workflow Designed Specifically For Label Prepress

Citrus Heights, CA – July 25, 2006 – RIPit Computer Corp., a leading developer of graphic arts hardware and software including flexographic print workflow applications, will showcase its new OpenRIP Flexo 5.0 as the latest edition in the company’s award-winning OpenRIP Series at Label Expo, being held September 11-14 in Chicago.

RIPit’s OpenRIP Flexo 5.0 will be on display at booth # 6326, delivering a new level of workflow automation with a wide range of features and performance enhancements designed to increase prepress production and accuracy. OpenRIP Flexo 5.0 is an Adobe® PostScript® 3TM RIP, which makes it easy to handle complex digital files and output to multiple devices.

OpenRIP Flexo 5.0 handles all the repetitive and tedious work of preparing files for output by automatically applying step & repeat, distortion, bearer bars and traps to suit a wide variety of production needs. OpenRIP Flexo 5.0 allows prepress operators to focus on preparing artwork in a simple, one-up workflow.


Standard Features Include:

Monitor Preview – Check page elements, colors, traps, knockouts, over-prints and step & repeat templates (in composite and separated modes), before you output a proof or media.

Automatic Distortion – Automatically calculates and applies the correct distortion value as you edit step & repeat settings.

Bearer Bars and Marks – Automatically strip in standard or custom bearer bars,set bearer bar gaps, margins, cut marks, register marks and file information to your stepped images.

Step & Repeat and Resident Die Database – Step and repeat digital files at OpenRIP Flexo 5.0 with our quick and efficient RIP-once, plot-many process.Create, edit and store custom die templates. Specify die numbers, step & repeat settings, bearer bar and distortion factors.

RIPit’s SmartDieTM feature for OpenRIP Flexo 5.0 delivers real prepress automation. Simply tag digital files with a SmartDie number to apply the correct step & repeat, bearer bars and distortion – quickly and accurately.



New and Available Features Include:

RasterViewTM – RasterView lets you examine a RIPped file at the dot level. View trapping, screen angles, frequencies, and tint values.

In-Rip Trapping with TrapZoneTM – Quickly apply complex trapping commands at the RIP. RIPit’s TrapZoneTM feature allows you to select separate trap settings for different parts of a page.

Screened Bearer Bars – The standard bearer bar can now be screened back to 50% or 25%, to reduce ink build-up on the bar.

Color Density Swatches – Now you can add Color Bars just outside either or both bearer bars.

PerfectBLENDTM Flexo hybrid screening technology – Combines the benefits of AM and FM Screening for higher linescreens, smoother gradients and cleanerpress runs.

ExportProof – Save raster files as PDFs, TIFFs and JPEGs to preview at workstations or e-mail directly to customers.

KOOLKolorTM Inkjet Proofing – Provides color-accurate proofs on a variety of inkjet printers and plotters.

KoolToningTM Halftone Simulator – Now see traditional halftone dots and true rosettes on your inkjet proof.

RIP-Integrated Color Management – Allows OpenRIP Flexo 5.0 to honor embedded color profiles, and lets you select source and destination profiles to be used during interpretation.

New Epson Stylus Pro Support – OpenRIP Flexo 5.0 now supports the Epson 4800, 7800 and 9800.

Flexo Double-burn feature – Provides additional flexibility in nesting certain types of jobs.

OpenRIP Remote – Control raster files on OpenRIP Flexo 5.0 from Mac OS X and Windows workstations.

Multi-Device Control – OpenRIP Flexo 5.0 drives over 100 output devices natively and also offers TIFFout, PSout, RRJout, and GDIout drivers.


RIPit’s Long Record of Success in Flexo

Founded in 1989, RIPit was one of the first companies to offer third-party RIP solutions to the printing industry. In 1992, RIPit developed the “AlanRIP” for Alan Graphics, a full function die database, with full distortion in a flexographic software Raster Image Processor. Several hundred of these RIPit-based flexo solutions were installed over the years. In 2001, RIPit integrated it into the RIPit portfolio, adding many new features requested by flexo customers. The result is today’s very powerful OpenRIP Flexo solution. This superior workflow solution is now the choice of many flexographic printers and trade shops around the world.

For more information about RIPit visit:; email: or contact: 1-888-947-4748 in North America; + 011-46-36-35 47 90 in Europe.

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