RIPit Releases New OpenRIP® Symphony


RIPit Releases New OpenRIP® Symphony

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RIPit® Computer Corporation Announces OpenRIP® Symphony:

Multi Device Control and Award Winning Workflow.

February 29th – RIPit Computer Corporation is proud to introduce OpenRIP Symphony, a state-of- the-art software RIP which is built on the foundation of our award-winning OpenRIP® product. In ad- dition to controlling about a hundred imagesetters, platesetters, printers, and plotters natively, it can also control a wide range of PostScript and TIFF-in devices from a single interface. OpenRIP set the standard in a flexible, straightforward pre-press workflow, and Symphony extends it to copier, printer, and out-of-shop work as well.

Symphony features the Adobe PostScript 3 interpreter (CPSI 3016), for the highest level of com- patibility with modern graphics applications. It integrates scanning, trapping, proofing, and imposi- tion into a single powerful package, and provides those features to any output device which can accept PostScript or TIFF files.

“We were hearing from a lot of frustrated customers, who had many different RIPs of various ages, and they all behaved differently,” says RIPit president Wayne Wasulko. “They told us they’d love it if we could build a RIP that would control their printers, copiers, and other output devices, so that they all will print the same pages the same way, every time. They were also tired of sending digital files to trade shops, and getting printed pieces back which had missing fonts, damaged links, and other problems. OpenRIP Symphony delivers file consistency across all their output devices.”

RIPit’s solution was to build a RIP which could control a wide variety of output devices, even those with their own RIPs, by pre-rasterizing files and sending them for output. That allows for a single, easy-to-use interface for controlling copiers, printers, inkjet printers and plotters, imagesetters, and platesetters – or anything else which can accept a TIFF or PostScript file. All the devices under the control of Symphony are able to use its features, in essence upgrading the capabilities of the entire shop.

Symphony’s industry-leading features include:

  • OpenRIP Remote: Control raster files on OpenRIP Symphony remotely, from MacOS-X and Windows workstations. Preview file settings, impose, output to devices, e-mail PDF proofs, assign PPD information and analyze ink key setups
  • TIFFout and PSout: Two drivers for controlling a wide range of output devices. They can save files to local or network drives using a wide variety of output options. The PSout driver can also send files directly to network printers using a variety of network protocols.
  • PerfectBlendTM Hybrid Screening Technology: Combines the benefits of traditional AM Screening and FM (stochastic) Screening to provide improved smoothness and highlight/shadow detail, allowing linescreens up to 80% higher than AM Screening alone.
  • Linearization and Dot Gain Compensation Wizards: Simplify the process of calibrating the different output devices which Symphony can drive, and allow for correction of press dot gain.
  • Adobe In-RIP Trapping: The leading RIP-integrated trapping solution.
  • KoolKolor Proofing: Creates color-accurate separated and composite proofs on a variety of inkjet printers and plotters.
  • KoolToning Halftone Simulator: Creates inkjet proofs which simulate AM halftones, for a true dot-for-dot proof of the press sheet.
  • StripRITE Imposition: RIPit’s reliable, easy-to-use raster imposition feature for creating books, performing step and repeat, and a variety of other imposition tasks. It permits separated and composite PS, EPS, PDF, and scanned image files to be imposed together in a common document.
  • AdvancedScan: Designed to replace analog plate cameras, it lets you scan, correct, apply spot colors, and update paper-based originals right at the RIP workstation.
  • Export Proof: Save raster files as low-res PDFs, TIFFs and JPEGs to softproof at workstations or email proofs directly to customers.

For more information regarding RIPit Symphony, please call us toll-free at 888-947-4748, e-mail us at, or visit

About RIPit® Computer Corporation

RIPit was founded in 1989 by Wayne Wasulko, and is a major supplier of software RIPs, Computer to Plate, and Computer to Film systems for the small to medium-sized commercial printer, and the flexographic printing market.