RIPit Showcases Expanded SpeedSetter® VM CtP Series and the Award Winning OpenRIP® Symphony Workflow at Graph Expo


RIPit Showcases Expanded SpeedSetter® VM CtP Series and the Award Winning OpenRIP® Symphony Workflow at Graph Expo

The Primary Workflow & CtP Provider to the Majority of Quick Printers and Franchises in North America

At Graph Expo 2006 RIPit Booth #5434

RIPit® Showcases Expanded SpeedSetter® VM CtP Series & Award-Winning RIP Workflow at Graph Expo

Affordable, High-Quality Solutions Offered for Small- and Mid-Sized Printers Feature:

♦ Internal-Drum Accuracy And Reliable Violet Laser Technology
♦ Award Winning Workflow Automates The Entire Platemaking Process
♦ Image Various Size Plates To Suit A Variety Of Presses
♦ Three Models Designed To Fit Production And Budget Needs

October 15, 2006 – Chicago (Graph & Converting Expo) – RIPit Imaging Systems is here showcasing its expanded SpeedSetter VM Series, the affordable, high-quality violet metal Computer-to-Plate (CtP) and RIP Workflow solutions, at Graph Expo 2006 in booth #5434, from October 15-18.

Designed to deliver reliability, productivity and quality for the small to mid-size commercial printer, the SpeedSetter VM, VMPlus and VM4 are manual load-unload internal drum violet laser platesetters, tightly integrated with RIPit’s award winning OpenRIP® SymphonyTM workflow, and new optional Concerto for remote viewing and output control, and optional P24 PlateRunner photopolymer plate processor.

“The combined workflow benefits and platemaking technology found in our SpeedSetter VM series provide the small to mid-size commercial printer with a true turn-key solution that dramatically increases through-put and overall print quality, resulting in higher ROI. We believe our simple, reliable and productive CtP and workflow solutions give our customers the best in both quality and value in the industry, and are the chief reason why RIPit has been consistently chosen as the solution of choice by the majority of quick printers and franchises in North America,” says Wayne Wasulko, RIPit’s CEO and president. An added benefit of the RIPit VM series is that no consumable contracts are required, and customers can choose from a variety of plates that are currently available on the market.


Maximum Platemaking Versatility

The VM engine uses a highly reliable internal-drum and violet laser technology to produce accurate, long running metal plates. All critical components are modular for easy maintenance and minimum downtime to help users meet production demands. Award-winning OpenRIP Symphony workflow is easy-to-use, automates prepress production and streamlines the entire platemaking operation. The VM’s manual load-unload design and auto vacuum mechanism provide quick plate changes and allow users to image various size plates to suit a variety of 2-up and 4-up presses. SpeedSetter VM CtP Systems provide the freedom to image all silver and photopolymer violet metal plates that are available on the market today.

Complete Modular Imaging Systems

SpeedSetter VM CtP Systems’ modular solutions are available in several configurations to meet a wide variety of production and budget needs:


SpeedSetter VM

The SpeedSetter VM is a 2-up CtP System that offers high quality production at an affordable price. SpeedSetter VM features RIPit’s award winning workflow, which automates prepress production and makes it easy to produce quality, long running metal plates to suit all common 2-up portrait and landscape (B3; including SpeedMaster 52) presses on the market. The SpeedSetter VM is available immediately for a starting price of $37, 950.


SpeedSetter VM-Plus Model The SpeedSetter VMPlus is a high production, 2-up (B3) CtP System that utilizes a high RPM air-bearing spinner motor delivering ~ 2-1/2 times the production speed of the SpeedSetter VM, without sacrificing quality or accuracy.


SpeedSetter VM4

The SpeedSetter VM4 is a high production, 4-up CtP System. The SpeedSetter VM4 features RIPit’s multi-task, multi- device workflow, fast air-bearing spinner motor and the ability to image high-resolution violet metal plates for common 4-up (B2+; including SpeedMaster 74) and 2-up (B3; including SpeedMaster 52) presses. The SpeedSetter VM4 is available immediately for a starting price of $52,950.


ImagerQ Concerto TIFF Integration

RIPit’s ImagerQ Concerto provides easy integration to any 1-bit TIFF workflow and provides independent control of SpeedSetter VM platesetters. Users submit raster files, preview them, set output options and control output to imaging devices.


P24 PlateRunner

The P24 PlateRunner Processor is designed to process a wide range of violet-sensitive photopolymer plate products. This compact, easy to use processor is electronically controlled to develop multiple size, single sided aluminum printing plates using standard chemistry.


OpenRIP Symphony Core CtP Workflow

Award-winning OpenRIP Symphony, an Adobe® PostScript® 3TM RIP offering a multi-task, multi-device workflow, dramatically automates and increases prepress production. In addition to controlling close to one hundred imagesetters, platesetters, printers, digital copiers, digital presses and plotters natively, OpenRIP can also control a wide range of PostScript and TIFF-in devices from a single interface.


About RIPit Imaging Systems

Since 1990, RIPit has been designing its imaging solutions to be customizable to suit a variety of prepress production environments worldwide. Today, RIPit’s superior workflow and CtP solutions for the small to mid-size print shop are the choice of the majority of quick printers and franchises in North America. Award-winning, Adobe PostScript 3 RIP technology is the cornerstone of RIPit’s unique line of hardware and software solutions, and today the company is one of the first to start adding support for Adobe’s new PDF Print Engine offering.

For more information about RIPit visit:; email: or contact: 916-962-7050 in North America; + 46-36-35 47 90 in Europe.

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