RIPit Unveils New 2-Up Violet Metal CtP System at Graph Expo 2004


RIPit Unveils New 2-Up Violet Metal CtP System at Graph Expo 2004

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RIPit to Unveil New Speedsetter VM CtP Metal Machine at Graph Expo Booth # 5253

New CtP Device Features • New Violet Laser • Internal Drum • Best Total Cost Of Ownership in the Industry

CITRUS HEIGHTS CA., October 1, 2004 – RIPit Corporation and Exxtra Imaging Systems are pleased to announce a cost effective Metal CtP device for the small to medium sized print shop. The SpeedSetter VM two-up (B3) CtP PlateSetter will be bundled with the award winning OpenRIP Symphony Core software.

“With all of the great success, quality and trouble free operation that the SpeedSetter Polyester machine has delivered to printers over the past several years, the new Violet Metal CtP machine will fill the gap with a truly affordable metal marking engine,” stated Wayne Wasulko, President of RIPit Computer Corporation. The VM SpeedSetter CtP device will have a U.S. list price of $44,950 complete with the award winning OpenRip Symphony Core software.

The SpeedSetter VM System is an internal drum violet metal plate exposure unit capable of imaging a wide range of plates up to 19.88″ X 20.88″. The object of the SpeedSetter Violet plate-making system is to bring high quality digital metal CtP capability to a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and ROI (Return on Investment) level where more small shops can justify the move to the latest plate making technology. “Having this technology in-house offers a significant increase in plate quality, improved run length and increased profits,” stated Wayne Wasulko.

The new Violet Metal CtP system can also be provided with a compact photopolymer plate processor system, which will be available from RIPit with a U.S. list price of $13,000. Both the SpeedSetter and processor system will be marketed in North America, South America and Europe through RIPit Com- puter Corporation under the name RIPit SpeedSetter VM. Interested North American, South American and European distributors should contact RIPit directly. Interested OEM’s and overseas distributors should contact Exxtra Imaging Systems.