RIPit Unveils OpenRIP Symphony and New Features at Print ’05


RIPit Unveils OpenRIP Symphony and New Features at Print ’05

New RIPit Workflow Gives Small Printers “Big League” Features New Features for Flexo Also Added

September 9, 2005 – CHICAGO (Print 05 & Converting 05) – RIPit Computer Corp., the primary workflow and CtP provider to the majority of quick printers and franchises in North America, unveils a new version of its OpenRIP Symphony Workflow solution at its PRINT 05 booth #6560, from September 9 – 15, 2005. The new version, which significantly furthers small printers’ opportunities to compete for higher end business, includes simplified color management, advanced preflight functionality, and new features for flexographic applications.

OpenRIP® Symphony is a comprehensive, turnkey Adobe® PostScript® 3 workflow solution built on RIPit’s award-winning core OpenRIP technology. In addition to controlling one hundred-plus imagesetters, platesetters, printers, and plotters natively, OpenRIP can also control a wide range of PostScript and TIFF-in devices from a single interface. This centralized control also insures file consistency across all devices.

According to the company, the success of OpenRIP Symphony is attributable to a comprehensive design, which gives graphic arts customers more automation for the least money.


New Version Details

The new version of OpenRIP Symphony boasts enhanced features including simplified color management; preflight enhancements; TIFF input; and a greatly expanded set of PerfectBLENDTM AM/FM hybrid screen choices for offset printing, as well as new features specifically designed for flexographic printing applications.

New: Simplified color management automatically sets appropriate options for a wide variety of jobs.

Preflight enhancements enable OpenRIP to report on a number of file characteristics, including: colors and color spaces used; fonts used and whether there are font substitutions; number of pages and images; whether any images fall below a particular resolution or below a multiple of the selected linescreen value; and whether the page contains any hairline strokes. Users can control which characteristics trigger a warning. Preflight is available from the Monitor Preview window, and from OpenRIP Remote.

TIFF files can now be added to a queue along with PS, EPS, and PDF files. TIFF input supports bi-level (bitmap), grayscale, RGB, and CMYK TIFF files at 1, 2, 4, 8, and 12 bits per channel, and CIELab TIFF files at 8 bits per channel.

Greatly expanded set of PerfectBLENDTM AM/FM hybrid screening choices for offset printing, as well as enhanced features specifically designed for flexographic printing applications.

Added Benefits for Flexographic Printers

Flexographic printers will gain from the newest additions as well, including:

Flexo Die List Printing: Once a die list is sorted by a particular field, it is also printed in the same sequence.

Bearer Bar enhancements: The standard bearer bar can now be screened back to 50% or 25%, to reduce ink build-up on the bar.

Color density swatches: Can be added just outside either or both bearer bars. – The CB End of Plate Mark: When added to a custom bar, is now the same design as the mark which is used at the ends of standard bearer bars.

Flexo Double-burn feature: When this feature is selected, it is possible to choose a Size Around value which is smaller than the desired image area, without clipping the image. This allows for additional flexibility in nesting certain types of jobs.


About OpenRIP Symphony

OpenRIP Symphony features the Adobe PostScript 3 interpreter for the highest level of compatibility with modern graphics applications. It integrates scanning, trapping, proofing, and imposition in a single package, and provides those features to any output device that can accept PostScript or TIFF files.

OpenRIP Symphony improves productivity and reduces human error by automating the most tedious and error-prone prepress tasks. OpenRIP Symphony automates screening settings, trapping, plate templating, imposition (including crop marks, registration marks, color bars, and page information) and application of linearization and dot gain compensation.

Available OpenRIP features include: Monitor Preview, RasterView, AdvancedScan scan to plate, KOOLKolorTM Inkjet Proofing, In-RIP Trapping, StripRITE Raster Imposition, PerfectBLENDTM hybrid screening technology, OpenRIP Remote RIP control, ExportProof soft proofing, CIP3 Support and more.

With OpenRIP, RIPit has set a standard for flexible, straightforward, economical prepress workflows, and OpenRIP Symphony extends the standard to copier, printer, and out-of-shop work applications.

Available standalone for $3500 (USD) or as part of RIPit’s turnkey SpeedSetterTM VM CtP system series, OpenRIP Symphony is available immediately. OpenRIP Symphony is also available as an upgrade to current customers for a nominal fee or free of charge if the customer has purchased a SoftCARE Support Contract. For more information, visit:; email: or contact: 1-888-947-4748 in North America; 011-46-36-35 47 90 in Europe.


About RIPit

Since 1990, RIPit has been designing its solutions to be customizable and easily integrated into graphic arts workflows worldwide. Award-winning, Adobe PostScript 3 RIP technology is the cornerstone of RIPit’s high quality, easy-to-use range of hardware and software solutions.

Today, RIPit’s superior workflow and CtP solutions for the small to midsize print shop are the choice of the majority of quick printers and franchises in North America.

In 1992, RIPit developed the “AlanRIP” for Alan Graphics, a full function die database, with full distortion in a flexographic software Raster Image Processor. Several hundred of these RIPit-based flexo solutions were installed over the years. In 2001, RIPit acquired the product and integrated it into the RIPit portfolio, adding many new features requested by flexo customers. The result is today’s very powerful OpenRIP Flexo solution. This superior workflow solution is now the choice of many flexographic printers and trade shops around the world.

For more information about RIPit visit:; email: or contact: 1-888-947-4748 in North America; 011-46-36-35 47 90 in Europe.

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