Sun Graphics Impressed with Xante’s Impressia Digital Multi-Media Press


Sun Graphics Impressed with Xante’s Impressia Digital Multi-Media Press

Terry started Sun Graphics in 1989 in Wisconsin. Terry and his wife have been the owners of Sun Graphics for over 25 years. Their print shop handles high volume printing, copying, binding and more. They specialize in printing envelopes, letterheads, carbonless forms, presentation folders, labels, postcards and complete mail services. Sun Graphics has been able to grow into a thriving business by operating under the mission of providing top quality service and high quality products at an affordable price point for their customers. His brother Greg also owns a print shop not too far from Sun Graphics. Greg brought Terry over to his shop to look at his latest addition to his digital line, the Impressia Digital Multi-Media Press. Once Terry had a chance to talk with his brother and see how much it had helped his business, he decided to purchase one for his shop.

“My brother Greg is also a printer and he owns an Impressia. He couldn’t talk enough about it, so we went over and took a look at it. We liked the machine and made the decision to buy it ourselves for our operations. We put up to two and a half boxes of envelopes on it. We’ll walk away and every now and then we’ll go back and check it.” says Terry.

The time they save on set up time has really helped them take on additional business. Now they can spend more time on other projects and get more jobs out of the door. “The turn around time is fantastic. We had one job where a guy came in in the morning and he absolutely had to have them in the afternoon. Sure enough we turned that job around. He ordered around 10 o’clock in the morning and we had them ready by 2 o’clock that afternoon. It’s one of those things that we can do now that we wouldn’t have thought about before if we had to make a plate and put it on the press. The time we save in press wash ups, re-plating and plating, it’s a tremendous amount of time. I was talking to my head press man the other day and he figured out that he saves about a whole eight hour day during the week since we’ve bought the Impressia.“

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