The Impressia Finds its Niche at The Print Raven


The Impressia Finds its Niche at The Print Raven

Ed Goodwin and his wife own and operate The Print Raven in Flagstaff, Arizona. Their shop serves a wide variety of printing needs including business cards, wedding invitations, posters, and banners. After purchasing the Xante Impressia Digital Multi-Media Press, complete with Enterprise High Speed Feeder, the shop has been able to expand their direct mail capabilities. Although direct mail may seem like an old-fashioned marketing strategy, Ed and his clientele understand that it still remains one of the most effective ways to reach a wide audience. Prior to purchasing the Impressia, mail merging was one of the shop’s biggest challenges. “The only way we could do envelope orders that were large were to send them out to a trade printer, and usually turn around could be anywhere from a week and a half to two and a half weeks. Trying to do a mail merge with more than a few envelopes was impossible, so the Xante fit that bill, and really filled the niche that we were missing in our business,” Goodwin explains.

On the other hand, The Print Raven also places emphasis on the fact that Flagstaff is a tight-knit community, so Goodwin takes pride in the fact that the shop can now conveniently print smaller orders for customers requesting personal print jobs. “ We always struggled with mail merge before. Even doing 20 or 30 envelopes for a small wedding, that was more work than it was worth. With the Xante software it’s really simple. It made some of our customers really happy when they found out that they didn’t have to sit and wait for envelopes,” he says. Goodwin is amazed at the Impressia’s ability to reduce downtime to increase his shop’s overall productivity, and is just as pleased that his customers have also taken notice.

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