University Capitalizes on Quick Turn Around Times with Impressia and Enterprise


University Capitalizes on Quick Turn Around Times with Impressia and Enterprise

The University of West Alabama was founded in 1835 in northwest Alabama. The school is nestled in the heart of the city on a beautiful campus with scenic views. Xante had a chance to talk with Jimmy, the director of printing services at UWA and their press operator Tommy. Printing Services at UWA handles about 95% of the university’s printing needs that include direct mail, envelopes, books, catalogs and recruiting brochures. About a year ago they decided to purchase the Impressia Digital Multi-Media Press and Enterprise High Speed Feed System for their envelope printing needs. They bought an ILUMINA about five years ago and was amazed at its durability and color quality. When the time came to invest in another digital printing press they decided to purchase another Xante machine.

“I would have to say that the Xante envelope press was the best decision I’ve ever made as a manager in printing, because of the efficiency and the ability to print and walk away and do something else and the cost factor as well. As I went around to the different conferences and I talked to some of my colleagues that were still printing envelopes offset, I would try to explain to them that if they’re spending couple of hours inking a press up and running a box of envelopes and another half hour cleaning the press up. With the Xante they can print a box of envelopes in eight to ten minutes and they don’t have to stand there. Once you set this machine up, you click the print button then you can go off and do something else. That was one of the major selling points that got me into Xante about five years ago.” says Jimmy.

The machines overall ease of use, sturdy design and efficient feed system were several of the reasons they decided to go with the Impressia and Enterprise. Since their purchase they’ve really been able to capitalize on the extra time they have since set up is so minimal. They can focus on other projects and get faster turn around times on jobs than they have before. “I’d recommend it in a heartbeat. It was easy to jump right in and get going. The first day we had it we were running production jobs. Set up on the old offset presses was really time consuming. There were some jobs I’d spend more time setting the press up than running the job. It was counter productive. With the Xante [Impressia and Enterprise] there is basically no set up. You don’t have to sit there and watch it constantly. You get this started and you can go run something else on another press or help a customer. You can spend 8-5 all day on nothing but production.” says Tommy.

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