Xanté Announces Impressia GTO CTP


Xanté Announces Impressia GTO CTP

Xanté Announces Impressia GTO CTP

Process-free, easy to use, fast and affordable
2-up landscape metal plate production


September 9, 2007 – CHICAGO (Graph Expo) – Xanté today introduces the 2-up landscape Impressia GTO™, a metal, process-free platesetter.  Building on the success of popular and proven Impressia technology, the easy-to-use, new Impressia GTO gives print shops greater format flexibility and prints at 72 seconds per plate for the 16.5″ x 25″/419 mm x 635 mm plate size.  The Impressia GTO is scheduled to ship in Q4 of 2007, and is less than half the cost of other metal GTO platesetters on the market today.

“The Impressia GTO is one of the most important offerings we’re bringing to market. It answers the immediate needs of a wide cross-section of commercial printers, and shows our commitment to reduce both labor and time-related costs for our customers,” Xanté CEO Robert Ross says.

Exclusive Features

Proven Impressia Technology Now Supports Larger Format
New Impressia GTO carries on the tradition that has made Xanté computer-to-plate (CTP) platesetters the solution of choice in thousands of print shops worldwide.  The Impressia GTO is process-free, easy to use, fast and affordable. In this version, support for a larger plate size gives greater format flexibility, especially when the immediate need for spot color plates arises.

High-End Accuracy & Quality in a Simplified Workflow
The Impressia GTO includes an Adobe Postscript 3 RIP, and generates up to 2400 dpi/150 lpi output directly from any computer. This simplified workflow provides compatibility for accurate, dot-to-dot proof comparison with other PostScript devices.

No processing means that each plate is ready for the press. Once imaged and cut, the plate can be used on the press like traditional metal plates, with current press chemistry.

Impressia GTO Features:

·           72 seconds per plate (16.5″ x 25″/419 mm x 635 mm)
·           Adobe PostScript 3 RIP
·           2400 x 2400 dpi, up to 150 lpi
·           Aspen Metal Plates: process-free, daylight loading
·           25,000+ impressions
·           Max plate size: 16.5″ x 25″ (419 mm x 635 mm)

About Aspen Metal Plates
The Impressia GTO is specifically optimized for use with Aspen Metal Plates, which provide superior control over image quality. The patent-pending, non-photosensitive Aspen Metal Plates are designed especially for the Impressia Metal CTP series, allowing for a process-free, no rinse workflow shown to save time and money. These litho grade, grained aluminum plates will consistently hold a quality image for over 25,000 impressions.

The Single Source for All Print Needs
Xanté is the market’s single source provider of a complete line of products — including platesetters, RIPs, plate processors, plates and chemistry — for all printing demands.

Price and Availability
Scheduled to be available Q4 2007, the Xanté Impressia GTO is priced at $19,995.

About the New Xanté
Xanté provides state-of-the-art workflow and imaging solutions for high quality graphic and prepress applications by leveraging a combination of its own hallmark technologies and those acquired from RIPit and Exxtra.  The product line includes process-free metal and polyester computer-to-plate (CTP) imaging devices including the popular Impressia and PlateMaker lines; high resolution digital color presses including Ilumina; large format VM series violet metal platesetters and the SpeedSetter series of polyester imaging systems.  Award-winning OpenRIP® Symphony and OpenRIP® Flexo 6.0 Professional workflow software are based on an Adobe® PostScript® 3™ RIP and support the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE). OpenRIP Symphony allows every device in the print shop — including platesetters, imagesetters, laser printers, digital copiers, inkjet printers and plotters — to be controlled from a single RIP for true workflow consistency.

Xanté Corporation headquarters is located in Mobile, Alabama, USA, with offices in Sacramento, CA and Hauppauge, NY in the USA; Duiven, the Netherlands; and Zhengzhou, China. Xanté products are distributed through a worldwide network of reseller and distribution partners. For more information, please visit www.xante.com.

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