Xante Announces New HWC Heavyweight Champion Digital Print System with PlateMaker 7 Inside

November 3rd, 2015, MOBILE, AL—Xante is pleased to announce a revolutionary advancement in computer-to-plate (CTP) printing technology. The ILUMINA Heavyweight Champion Digital Print System with PlateMaker 7 Inside is an upcoming software update featuring a process-free, chemical-free, polyester CTP system which allows users to print on the same, versatile Myriad 2 polyester plates as Xante’s previous plate making systems. The grained surface of the Myriad 2 plate allows it to hold tiny halftone dots, making it one the best conventional polyester plates on the market. PlateMaker 7 is specifically designed for small commercial printers and print shops in need of a low cost, high quality, chemical-free CTP system. This process is conveniently and wholly contained inside of the ILUMINA Heavyweight Champion Digital Print System. Most importantly, this function produces higher quality plates by eliminating background toning and overspray. PlateMaker 7 is an optional feature that will be included in an updated version of iQueue XI (eleven). All of the various sizing options are listed in iQueue, allowing users to simply select any image and drag it into PlateMaker 7. This improved plate making technology delivers clean plates with sharp images and precise registration that will surely impress members of the printing industry. CTP printing is a great option for small to mid-sized print shops because it significantly shortens prepress plate preparation and increases plate production output, all while eliminating the need for potentially harmful chemicals.

Of course, the ILUMINA Heavyweight Champion remains fully equipped with the original ultra-thick printing capabilities that includes letterhead, envelopes, NCR and a variety of heavy stock media such as, extra thick card stocks, product packaging, POP displays, table tents, door hangers, menus, oversized banners, (up to 13” x 52”) and more. As always, PlateMaker 7 will be offered as a FREE upgrade to all existing ILUMINA Heavyweight Champion Digital Print System users.

For more information on the Xante products and software, please visit or call 1.800.926.8839