Xante Announces Upcoming Release of iQueue Workflow Software Version 10.2


Xante Announces Upcoming Release of iQueue Workflow Software Version 10.2

Xante is proud to announce the upcoming release of iQueue 10.2 Adobe®PostScript® Workflow Software. The latest installment in the iQueue series has several new capabilities. They include:

– Even better spot color accuracy, increasing the potential spot colors from 60,000 to over 200,000 possible spot color matches.

Improved Spot Color Creator that converts images to spot colors for accurate spot color matching. Users also now have the ability to export the EPS converted images.

Variable Data sorting features that automatically sort envelopes by ZIP, city, state or any other variable data field.

– Ability to output PDF proof for any print job for job approval, emailing or filing.

A variety of other enhancements are contained throughout Version 10.2, most of which were designed by our iQueue users group. Customers always make the best designers.

iQueue version 10.2 will be available at www.xante.com and is another FREE update to all iQueue users!

iQueue 10.2 still retains all of the extraordinary features from previous versions including job cost estimating, variable data with or without Intelligent Mail barcodes, imposition/tiling and more. For more information on Xante’s digital solutions and software, please visit www.xante.com or call 251.473.6502.



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