Xanté Corporation names Imation as service contract provider


Xanté Corporation names Imation as service contract provider

AUGUST 16, 2000, MOBILE, AL — Xanté Corporation today announces a three-year agreement with Imation to provide life-cycle service contracts for Xanté’s entire monochrome and color printer lines including the new Xanté ColourLaser, Accel-a-Writer 3N/3DN, Accel-a-Writer 3G, ScreenWriter 3 Film System, StockMaker and PlateMaker 3 computer-to-plate system. Through the new contract, Xanté can bring the benefit of Imation’s industry experience and highly trained technicians to customers, resulting in on-site service for the full product life cycle.

“We selected Imation because of its vast experience in the graphic arts and prepress industry,” said Arthur Verwey, vice president of worldwide marketing, Xanté Corporation. “Imation and our company also share the same philosophy – a desire to provide timely, reliable, unparalleled customer service to each one of our clients.”

In addition to warranty work and maintenance, Xanté will offer full installation services through the Imation agreement. In addition to the on-site services provided by Imation, Xanté also offers its customers Cross-Ship and Return-to-Factory service contracts. Xanté’s complete service selection is designed to offer optimum customer service to each and every customer.

“Imation’s expertise in the color and monochrome printing arena enabled us to offer the perfect skill set for Xanté’s current and future service needs,” stated Jim Wales, general manager, Imation Digital Solutions and Services. “Imation sees this as a great opportunity to increase business through delivery of technical services that allow our clients to outsource their service requirements so they can focus on their businesses and core competencies.”

About Imation

Imation Multi-Vendor Support Services provides service and support to third party equipment that addresses the information, image and color management, service and support needs of customers and partners worldwide. Designed to help its customers improve profitability and launch new revenue opportunities, Imation’s services business delivers consulting and analysis, business strategy and strategic implementation of a wide range of support services, including onsite hardware and software services, parts and equipment management, telephone support, depot repair, training and technical writing.

Based in Oakdale, Minnesota, Imation supplies a variety of products and services worldwide for the information and image management industry, specializing in imaging and data storage solutions.

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