Xante Customers Are Amazed with the Durability and Cost Efficiency of the Impressia & Enterprise


Xante Customers Are Amazed with the Durability and Cost Efficiency of the Impressia & Enterprise

Xante customers across the U.S are amazed with the Impressia Digital Multi-Media Press and patented Enterprise High Speed Feed System. The Impressia and Enterprise reduce overall costs with an incredibly low cost-per-print (less than a penny an envelope) and minimizes downtime by giving users the flexibility to work on multiple projects simultaneously. With the iQueue workflow, users can quickly and easily give quotes to customers and stay competitive with their prices.

Patrick, Sir Speedy franchise owner, uses his Impressia every day. Patrick first opened the doors for business in 1998. His shop relies on their digital equipment for marketing materials such as envelopes, signs and banners for a wide range of clients. Patrick and his employees have enjoyed using the Impressia Digital Multi-Media Press and Enterprise Feed System. They’ve found it to be very intuitive and user-friendly along with the iQueue software. “One of the many reasons why we chose to invest in an Impressia was it’s reliability and the overall system’s ease-of-use. One of the great features of the machine, and one of the reasons we really like it, is that my employees and myself can load the machine up with 1000 envelopes and let it go. It’s a machine that will do its own things and allow you to do other things at the same time.” says Patrick.

The Impressia and Enterprise has become an asset in their print shop and their go to machine for all of their envelope printing needs. Within a few hours of its arrival, they easily put the equipment together and installed the iQueue software. They’ve been able to utilize iQueue’s Pantone® matching capabilities to match spot colors and maintain crisp color quality with every run. “iQueue is very robust and it’s able to do many different things. It’s very easy to set up. I taught an employee how to use it in 15 minutes and they were up running it without having to ask me any questions. We really like being able to Pantone® match to really hit the colors and keep it consistent throughout the print run.”

In addition, they’ve been able to reduce their downtime while simultaneously cutting their costs. “The reason why I chose Xante’s Impressia; I’m a research fanatic. I’ll research things to death to make sure I’m making the right choices, deciding on the right product. The software and hardware with this product is the real reason why I purchased it. It seems that everybody I’ve talked to has utilized the product and it’s worked very well for them. The set up on the machine is very easy. The set up was very simple and it was easy to get it up and running in a short amount of time. We got it and put it together in an hour or two.”

Print shop owners and operators are able to use Xante’s digital print systems to enhance their production levels with its durability, easy to use features, cost efficiency, rapid output and high color quality on a wide gamut of media options.

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