Xante Impressia Gains Popularity in the Mega Church Market

Linda Savell has been the production and ministry assistant at Mississippi Avenue Baptist Church in Aurora, Colorado for nine years. During this time, she has had the opportunity to use all types of printing technology and, in her opinion, Xante’s Impressia has proven itself to be leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. “I’ve had experience with a wide variety of printers from web press all the way down to your desktop, ink jet printers but the adjustments were so cumbersome for the variety of sizes that I use. It made the search for an envelope printer that could do way more more important,” she says. Now, the Impressia allows Linda to fill all of the church’s printing needs with ease including envelopes of all sizes, folded bulletins, calendars, staff records, and agendas. Members of the church have definitely noticed a significant difference in the quality of the church’s printed materials, and are greatly appreciative that their money has been put towards such a wise investment. The Impressia’s speed and cost-effective production process have allowed Linda to do things that she was previously unable to do with other printing equipment. “We have never printed our bulletins in color. We have always done them in black and white. That was because of the cost of color on the other printer. Those bulletins were costing us per click and between 24 and 36 cents per sheet and when you do 500 that gets really expensive,” she explains. Linda fully recommends the Impressia to any other large churches or organizations searching for an efficient and affordable way to go digital.

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