Xanté’s Newest Innovation Creates the World’s Fastest Metal CTP Solution


Xanté’s Newest Innovation Creates the World’s Fastest Metal CTP Solution

Mobile, AL (October 04, 2004)XANTÉ’s newest innovation, Z-7 technology, a breakthrough in metal CTP Imaging, enables the introduction of the XANTÉ Impressia Metal PlateSetter, the world’s fastest metal CTP device. XANTÉ’s commitment to create innovative, state-of-the-art technology has paved the way for this new metal CTP system. The Impressia Metal PlateSetter is enhanced by XANTÉ’s specialized Z-7 Technology; plus, environmentally safe Aspen Metal Plates.

After mastering CTP technology and partnering with industry leaders such as Adobe ® Systems, XANTÉ proudly presents the latest advancement in CTP. Equipped with non-photosensitive Aspen Metal Plates, capable of over 25,000 impressions, the Impressia offers the strength of an imaging solution perfectly paired with a process-free, chemical-free workflow.

Backed by 10 years of CTP design experience and two decades of experience in the print industry, XANTÉ Corporation announces a technological breakthrough unmatched in its market. “The Impressia is by far the most exciting CTP solution we have ever created,” said Robert C. Ross, Jr., XANTÉ’s founder and CEO. “XANTÉ’s goal was to surpass user expectations for an affordable and efficient metal imaging system. We have exceeded even our own expectations of image quality and durability. This technology announcement shows XANTÉ’s commitment not only to being a leader in polyester CTP but also to being an innovator in direct metal imaging.” Z-7 Technology has enabled the production of the world’s fastest metal CTP solution. Impressia gives the customer the power of metal CTP technology at an affordable price.

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