Xpressdocs, in Fort Worth, TX, is Impressed with its Xante Impressia!


Xpressdocs, in Fort Worth, TX, is Impressed with its Xante Impressia!

FORT WORTH, TX –- Xpressdocs, in Fort Worth, Texas, is churning out print with its Xante Impressia! Press Operator, Johnny Maldonado, spoke to Xante and says he’s able to print everything for his major clients including realtors, medical facilities and many more.

“We print lots of envelopes, mainly number 10, and a lot of letterhead. We also print lots of invitation envelopes and smaller envelopes,” he said.

“[In] some of the files I get, the image is not where it should be on the envelope. I am able to correct it with a couple of clicks. Up, down, rotate it if necessary,”” Johnny added.

Johnny says he does a lot of spot color matching for new clients using the iQueue Workflow software that came with the Impressia.

“It’s pretty simple. I just send a color swatch page and I can just select the color,” he explained. “Within five minutes of trying, the customer is like, ‘Man, that’s pretty awesome!’ The customer likes it, and my boss likes it…”

Xpressdocs Building

Johnny says the iQueue software was easy to learn and very easy to navigate. He’s even experimented with adding barcodes, variable data and sequential numbering: features available for all customers.

Johnny says he likes the simplicity of having multiple features within one system.

He said, “It’s your own print shop in one machine.””

Xpressdocs has had the Xante Impressia for nearly two years. As of February 7, 2017, the shop has logged over 1.4 million impressions.

For more information on Xante’s digital print solutions and iQueue color smart workflow software, please visit www.xante.com or call 251.473.6502.