ColourLaser 21 FAQ

ColourLaser 21

How do I access the internal web page for my printer when my network uses a firewall?
How do I print a network configuration page?
What causes the printer to go offline after every print job when printing from the multipurpose tray?
What causes the toner to come off the printed paper in threads or hair-like fibers?
When printing business cards or ads, why does the text look fuzzy and not sharp?
When printing color pages on plain paper, why does the printer always get a paper jam near the fuser?
Why do collated jobs print slowly from the Macintosh OS?
Why do duotones print too dark or not print the correct color?
Why do pages show white streaks (lack of toner) on printouts after installing a new toner cartridge?
Why does a single asterisk dance across the display panel after either adding additional memory or adding a HDD to the printer?