En/Press FAQ

En/Press Digital Press

Engine Specifications

What media sizes can the EnPress print?
What media weights can the EnPress print?
What reports are common to print from the Xante EnPress?
What environmental requirements should be met for the Xante EnPress?

Printer Setup

How is the IP Address set in the front panel of the printer?

Print Quality

What can cause the toner to rub off of the printed envelopes?
What causes evenly spaced repeating dots?


A Jams
C Jams


What customer-replaceable consumables are used with the Xante EnPress? What are their expected yields?
How can replacement consumables be ordered?
Can third-party consumables or toner refills be used with the Xante EnPress?
How are the consumables replaced on the Xante EnPress?
How can the consumable levels be checked?
What warranty covers defective consumables?
Can the Xante EnPress continue to print if the toner is expended?


What preventative maintenance should be completed on the Xante EnPress monthly? Weekly?
Can I order maintenance kits for the Xante EnPress?

Common Issues & Warnings

Will the Xante EnPress create a full bleed off the edge print?
What types of media should not be run on the Xante EnPress?
The printer displays paper mismatch when jobs are sent to it.
Why does the printer print slower when printing A6/A7 envelopes?
I am running 6.75 envelopes. The printer is running slow. Why?