ScreenWriter 3 and 4 FAQ

ScreenWriter 3/4

Can I run film or plates from the cassette tray?
How can I fix incorrect or inconsistent line lengths on my output?
How can I increase the density for my clear/matte film?
I am getting tear drops on my output, what is this and how can this be corrected?
Is DHCP supported?
My output is not dark enough. How can I adjust the density?
What do I do if the output on my printer is skewed?
What is a E:FUSER error and how can I correct the problem?
What is a E:SCANNER error and how can I correct it?
What protocols are supported on the printer?
Why can I not print on media larger than legal size at 1200 DPI?
Why does my IP address keep changing?
Why does my media always pull from the manual feed tray?
Why does the front panel display LOW PAPER when there is paper in the cassette tray?
Why is my output printing to the left and towards the bottom of the page?
Why is the 1200 / 2400 DPI option grayed out?