X-16 & X-33

X-16 & X-33

What are the life expectancies for each of the customer-replaceable parts on the X-16?
What are the life expectancies for each of the customer-replaceable parts on the X-33?
How are spare parts and ink ordered?
What colors are used on the X-Series? What is the ink configuration?
Does the X-Series utilize a bulk ink system or ink cartridges?
What are the available print resolutions on the X-Series?
What type of bed does the X-Series use?
Can the X-Series build up multiple layers of ink for raised or textured printing?
Does the X-Series automatically adjust printhead height based on the substrate loaded?
What supplies and consumable replacement parts are included with a newly purchased X-Series printer?
What additional tools and supplies are necessary to install the X-Series?
What humidity and temperature are required for the X-Series?
How are print speed and print quality related? How does print speed affect print quality?
What types of substrate can the X-Series print on?
Will the X-Series print full bleed?
What issues can static buildup on substrates create? How can static be managed?
What types of end-user training are available with the X-Series?
Can the X-Series be used to print on fabrics?
How should artwork be designed for this X-Series and iQueue?
How should artwork be designed to print in white?
Which workflow software is used with the X-Series?
Are the consumables covered under a warranty?
Do the inks have a use by date? Can expired inks be used?
Should the X-Series be turned off at night or when not in use?
What type/brand of ink can be used with the X-Series?
What is the approximate cost per print on the X-Series?
What are the power requirements for the X-Series?
What are the recommended minimum computer specifications for the X-Series and iQueue?
What printing jigs does Xante offer?
How much space is required to use the X-Series?
What is the maximum throw distance for the printhead?
How do I discard of consumables and inks?
How much maintenance is necessary with the X-Series?
What sort of substrate preparation is necessary?
Can the X-Series’s output be placed in direct sunlight?
Is the X-Series environmentally friendly?
What type of service is available with the X-Series?
Is ventilation required for the X-Series? Are there any harmful substances emitted during operation of the X-Series?