Update My Code

Update My Code

This page will allow you to download the "Downloader Utility" for Mac or PC,"Downloader Manual" for Mac or PC, and the latest Xanté product code for your particular Xanté solution.

  • Download the “Downloader Utility” manual based on your operating system.
  • Install the “Downloader Utility” based on your operating system.
  • Follow the instructions in the manual carefully and then download the required code based on your particular printer model.


PlateMaker 5 only (v 5.05-6)

New Features:

  • Added flash programming option to the Utility Menu. Users can now re-flash the printer using the LPR download .
  • Changed the quick calibration process.

Bug Fix:

  • Corrected problem with random characters sometimes showing up in the printer status on the printer webpage.
  • Ethernet communication problems on 2400dpi devices.
  • Corrected problem with random characters sometimes appearing on front panel during menu traversal.
  • Corrected the Menu Map page. Some of the menu items were listed incorrectly.

PlateMaker 5 only (v 5.05-2)

  • Added Auto Cleaning Cycle to front panel — can be set between 2 and 20
  • Media Type shows on halftone Calibration page
  • Default Media type stays selected after power cycle
  • Clip Page selection now prints clip path for default media size
  • Centers properly on all media sizes when 180 rotate or mirror print enabled
  • Modified Halftone Calibration web page and added multiple configurations in a “slot” format
  • Moved Laser Power from Utility Menu to the Media Menu to allow settings for each media type
  • Added PM5J support and multi-lingual web page support

Problems Fixed in 5.04-7

  • Corrects Fatal Errors occuring in the IPP code (# 8002CC00)
  • Corrects Crash when attempting to display RAMDisk on the front panel
  • Corrects Duplex frame buffer problem that causes the printer to get stuck in
  • Corrects range of values for boxed B, D, I and J in More X-Act
  • Minor text revisions to More X-Act webpage