Xante X-33 Inkjet Flatbed Printer

Xanté X-33 UV Inkjet Flatbed Printer

Print on virtually any media!

Get ready to elevate your printing game with the X-33, a machine that can do what seems impossible! Say goodbye to the prohibitive demands of large flatbed UV printers and hello to profitable printing on virtually any media with this tabletop device. Get ready to output eye-catching signage, stunning graphics, and unique specialty items without sacrificing precious floor space. With the ability to print full bleed up to 6 inches tall, this printer will leave you in awe with its precision and accuracy. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to endless possibilities as you create intricate and detailed designs on various media with ease. With the X-33, you can bring your vision to life and take your printing to new heights!

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  • Print on virtually any media
  • Dual LED Lamps

With image area up to 36”x24” (91.44cm x 60.96cm), the X-33 utilizes dual LED lamps for instant ink curing. Print variable data and sequentially numbered items with independent color control. Build depth with layers of fast-drying, UV-cured ink. Create impressive displays that grab attention. This process is fast and renders strong, durable results. Print on media up to six inches (15.24cm) tall! Five ways to print intense, brilliant, pure white: Flood, White Active Pixels, White Inactive Pixels, White Spot Color, or No White. (CMYK + WWWW)

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